A Guide To Healthy Gaming

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to all of the volunteers who helped me through this, as this is a highly scientific topic with many things to be wrong about. The most important figure in the making of this article has been Matt Hwu, the creator of 1HP and “the Head of Physical Performance and eSports Medicine for CLG”, closely followed by Cole Ricke and Redditors donutmesswithme as well as SwedishSanta.

Secondly, I am not a professional. You should read this article with a healthy amount of skepticism and research things you are unsure about. It is just a few clicks for your health, go for it!

Health is a big topic nowadays, with actually living healthy being easier than ever before, and with S1mple having health problems it has become obvious that being healthy actually is really important for all kinds of gamers, professional or not. In this article, we will discuss the questions, “What being healthy means?”, “Why should you be healthy?”, and answer the question “How can you be healthy?”

What does being healthy actually mean?

Health is not one dimensional. What I mean with that is that there are a lot of areas in your life where you need to live healthy in order to actually be healthy in the long run, like your diet, exercise and posture. We will talk about the most important areas of health in order to give you a good oversight of this topic without diving too deep into a highly complicated matter.

Why should you be healthy?

There are a lot of benefits from being healthy. The first thing that comes to mind, that is directly related to most video games and especially First-Person-Shooters like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is the health-reaction time correlation. If you live healthily, you will reach further into your fullest potential. Granted, these differences will only be around 10 ms at first, but even that much can decide over success and failure in the long run. You will also be able to have a higher standard of living, which will directly affect your standard of gaming and comfort while gaming, as well as the longevity of your career. You should keep in mind that, when we talk about being healthy, we’re talking about being strain-free as well as being as pain-free.

How do I eat healthily?

It can be quite hard to stay on a purely healthy diet. This has to do with the fact that, in order to actually eat healthily, you need to take care of multiple things, like portion control, the composition of meals, time of the meals and the freshness of the ingredients. We will not cover the full spectrum of eating like a professional athlete would, but rather general guidelines that will help you improve your eating habits, but can still raise your life quality tremendously.

What and how am I supposed to eat?

There always are multiple qualified people saying completely different things about what to eat. People are still split about the worth of eggs and meat in a healthy diet, so we will not be going too deep into the matter and will only present the most general consensus among professionals.A good rule of thumb would be to pick one piece of every group and incorporate it into your meal in relation to its group size represented in this pyramid, or to incorporate pieces of each group throughout your day into your meals, like starting with bread, cheese and fruit in the morning and eating a bit of meat with vegetables at lunch. While almost no popular snacks and products for indulgence purposes are present, like chocolate and crisps, it is hinted that you are supposed to limit salt and added sugar in order to keep your diet healthy. If you really feel like you need a snack, limit it to a fist size per snack and limit the number of snacks you have a day.

Gaining, and maintaining, a good posture

Even though there are multiple qualified people speaking of multiple solutions for this problem, I chose to trust 1HP on this one, as they presented a good consensus among other professional sources. Also, there is no perfect posture. Spending too much time in one position will harm you, one way or another. One joint or part of your body will always have to suffer if you sit for too long in one position. But before getting into how to prevent pain and injuries, let us first look at what a good, but not perfect because there is no perfect, posture can look like

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